Facts about Samsung phone repair

Are you thinking about repairing your Samsung phone but are not really sure how to go about it then you are at the right place. However it is also essential that you have a good idea about how you can manage it at home on your own. The following are a few things that you need to know about fixing Samsung phones.

Samsung phone repair at home

Most of the Samsung phones have pretty much the same layout and this is why they are quite easy to repair. You would first need to remove the rear panel which has a mid frame and it leads to the wireless charging coil. Beneath it that you are going to find a motherboard and the daughter board at the bottom with the battery fixed in between both.

Make sure that you have the standard Philips driver to remove the screws and each of these components can be disconnected and lifted right up but there are quiet a few exceptions which you might need to understand.

Majority of these phones do not have a screw on the outside because they are actually glued shut. You would need to enter through the rear panel which is not only glued but is also made up of delicate glass. In order to lift the rear panel you need to heat the glue in order to soften it and then pry it open. Just make sure that you do not mess up or you might cause damaged to the curved edges of the phone.

Removing the battery is also not easy because it is put in place with the help of a very strong adhesive. You can insert a bit of isopropyl alcohol under the battery to lift it up and then will make use of a suction cup to bring the battery out.

Although this might seem easy, if you are not to careful with handling these deleted procedures it is often best to let all these things we done by an experienced repair person. This is because the display of the phone is pretty thin and fragile and with the superstar it can be quiet difficult to unsecure the display screen.

When you are able to put your phone apart you also need to consider that you are going to have to put it back together and that means that you would need to re apply all the glue that you removed. You would also need to clean of all the leftover glue and even a little bit of it is left behind or the new glue will not hold on to it properly. However you can remove the glue with the help of isopropyl alcohol and a bit of gentle scraping.

Each part of your Samsung phone requires a separate kind of repair technique. If you think that you would not be able to handle it on your own it is often better to turn to a professional to do the job for you. Choose PTC phone repairs  for reliable service.



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